What I’ve Done… and What I Will Do


What I've done - text

  • Born in South London, brought up by a mother widowed by the war. John worked his own way up to build and own his own business in the transport sector.
  • Appointed in 1989 to run the Bristol Initiative and Chamber of Commerce, John also served for 10 years as a board member of the South West Regional Development Agency.
  • Delivered Cabot Circus and Harbourside Regeneration: John chaired the partnership company that gave birth to Cabot Circus and was Chair of the Harbourside Forum. He was awarded the CBE for this work.
  • Chairman of the Bristol Royal Infirmary: Under John’s leadership one of our region’s big hospitals has been turned into one of the best in the UK.
  • Supported education for young people: For 10 years, John led the South West Learning and Skills Council that improved opportunities and education for young people in the whole region.
  • Working together for everyone: John has grown and worked with more than 30 different partnership organisations in our region, boosting tourism, creating opportunities for young people, tackling homelessness, and encouraging cultural diversity.
  • A new vision for the West of England: In 2011, John developed and published a comprehensive blueprint for the region with transport, jobs and homes for everyone, while preserving the unique qualities, landscapes, and communities that make our region special.


As Mayor, I pledge to work with everyone in our region to deliver on Five Great Tasks:

Sort out our transport nightmare: I will get on with fixing our roads, trains and buses, and finally create decent and sustainable public transport that reduces congestion, pollution, and actually make a difference for everyone.

Build more homes: I will ensure that appropriate plans are laid to build more homes for current and future generations – not just houses but new complete communities in the right places and using brown-field land first. These will have the right transport links and the essential public facilities like doctor’s surgeries and schools.

Secure a new deal from London: This is our region. I have worked with many government ministers and I will do the deals so that government gives us yet more money and the powers we need to build our own future.

Keep our region open to the world, and leave no one behind: I will ensure our region continues to grow diversity in business and in our everyday lives, keeping us open to the world, despite Brexit; and I will support and speak up for our businesses and institutions to make sure they compete on a global level.

Develop skilled people for skilled jobs across the region: Our region thrives on innovative and creative businesses of all kinds, boasting an array of high skilled jobs. I will make sure that all of our young people have the chance to acquire the skills they need to thrive themselves, enjoy their lives and make their contribution to the community.