My 2050 Vision


In 2011, The West of England Initiative published my vision for the West of England, looking at how the region might develop over the next 40 years. 2050: High In Hope was founded upon the recognition that there needed to be a long-term plan for managing regional growth.

The book represents a visual and written interpretation of my vision for the West of England – it is a strategic master plan that provides a blueprint of the measures and goals that the West of England could make in order to realise its potential as a leading European economic and cultural region in the 21st Century.

This vision was a starting point for further debate, research and development – but ultimately it was a call to resist complacency and to aspire to the highest ambitions.

It sought to firmly establish that thoughtful, strategic planning would in the broadest sense yield greater positive outcomes than the short-sighted approaches of the past. It also highlighted the danger that, without such a vision, the region’s growth would be haphazard, unproductive and, possibly, corrosive.

You can read the whole book here: 2050 – High In Hope.